LAST of the V8s

The Last of the V8s are back in full swing. for some a dream come true for some a reoccuring nightmare. For those new to the chaos, welcome. In 2001 The V8s released their first album "IT'S ON!" on KC label Shock Factory records with much local fanfair but before one speck of dust could settle the band was on the road touring the west coast and Canada sharing the stage with such acts as: Rocket From The Crypt, The Black Halos, Nashville Pussy, Mudhoney, Nebula, The Gaza Stippers and The Dragons and many others. The band continued to tour, members came and went but drummer Kriss Ward, guitarist Jay Zastoupil and singer Ryan Mattes remained the core of the band. In two short years and before releasing their second album the band broke up claiming artistic differences. Now 2006 the beast is back and it's pissed! With former Cretin 66 bassist Chico Thunder filling out the low-end the sound is more powerful, energetic and furocious than it ever before. Look out for the brand new release on Dead City records this summer. This bands very existence in a market driven by the most poisonous, bullshit trends is poignant in itself. Seeing them play live is like watching a band of Comanche warriors go to battle for the last time majestic and tragic. But I dont mean to sound dire about the V8s future. Theyll be playing shows at home in KC in the coming weeks, and maybe theyll go on tour and cut a record. This is a band we should be fucking thankful for. You cant put a price on rock that pure." - Jason Harper Pitch writer Kansas City. HERE IS A LINK TO photos from sxsw :

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