Deep Thinkers

Leonard Dstroy and The Brother of Moses have been creating rhythm on the turtle shell 4 the past 2,655 moons. Within the solitude of Babylon's suburban sprawl, the two set forth to continue the revolution through word, sound, and power. Resistance to societal norms with a creative approach has remained within the baked brains of these humble herbal hermits. Products of the late 20th centuries, 7 fold symphony still stands with endless future plans.

The duos past manifestations are Komplecks Po ed icks ep, Brother of Moses and friends ep (both produced by Ben the Scratch Rat), Land Mind lp, Sleep Talking ep feat Negro Scoe (both produced by talltale) Broken Wrecked Chords Project (D's turntableist release beats and cuts), Commute Project and the new 7 song ep dropping with Leonad on the sound and Aaron on the power.

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